Witch cover

 Megan And The Weather Witch

 Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Vladyana Langer Krykorka

 full colour picturebook (two stories)

 32 pages \ 8" by 9" paperback - ISBN 1-895092-03-5


Although this book has a picture book format, there are two separate stories. In the first, Megan is running a lemonade stand when the Weather Witch and her two backwards bats drop in for a cup. Later on she goes off in their weather balloon to bring in clouds and make it rain. In the second story Megan helps the Weather Witch wake up the statues along University Avenue in Toronto and then joins them as they stage a parade for Queen Victoria (or at least her statue). There are two songs included (one for each story) and you can act out parts of the stories yourself. Perhaps you would like to sing the Statue Song and help wake the statues at Queens Park. Or maybe a batch of bat lemonade is more to your taste. The book includes these two stories:


The Weather Witch

The Bats And The Statue Parade


The first four pages of the second story (with illustrations) can be viewed if you click here or at the bottom of this page.


"Young Megan takes off on a series of airborne adventures with the Weather Witch, a benign witch of the best kind. Bats, weather balloons and statues that come alive are all part of Megan's adventurous fantasy life. The two stories will lift the young readers out of their own earthbound lives, carried aloft by the swirling, dream-like illustrations by Vladyana Krykorka. A classy made-in Canada publication."



"These are truly engaging stories. The events could take place anywhere, but the Toronto setting gives them a Canadian flavor. The text has a smooth feeling to it. The stories are pleasing longer than one might anticipate. There are some clever word plays within the stories. And the illustrations are fantastic! Warm and inviting, they truly capture the mood of the story."



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