The Bats And The Statue Parade

Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Vladyana Langer Krykorka


(text and illustration copyrighted by author and illustrator)
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All that fall and throughout the winter, Megan and the Weather Witch had lots of fun together. But during the spring things got very busy and Megan forgot all about her new friend. Then late one night near the end of May, the Weather Witch flew to Megan's house without even waiting to hear her song.

"Wake up ducks, we've got things to do," she called as she threw down the ladder.

Megan got dressed just as soon as she could and climbed up to the weather balloon.

"Hi!" she said when she finally arrived. "I haven't seen you guys for days and days. How have you been?"

"Goodbye! We stink! And so do you!" the fat bat said.

"We're sad to see you," the skinny bat squeaked.

Megan was glad to hear it because she knew the bats always said the opposite of what they really meant.

"I missed you too," she told them.

"Hello jello-face, we have to stay. We ain't coming back; we'll be gone for days," the fat bat cried.

"We'll never see you ever again, especially downtown," the skinny one called, then they both flew away.

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