Giant cover

 Ryan's Giant

 Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Marian Buchanan

 full colour picturebook (three stories)

 32 pages \ 8" by 9" paperback - ISBN 1-895092-02-7


Although this book has a picture book format, there are three separate stories: Ryan meets a Giant who likes bad dreams and is willing to buy them, he helps the Giant take care of his pet dinosaur, he helps construct a large dinosaur doughnut to lure the dinosaur out of hiding during a game of hide and seek. There are three songs included (one for each story) and many activities that can follow the reading of each story. Perhaps you have bad dreams and would like to sell them to the Giant who lives near you. You can sing the Garbage Song as you put out your own garbage for the dinosaur's dinner. You can even make him a dinosaur doughnut as a special treat. The book includes these three stories:


The Giant Who Liked Bad Dreams

The Giant And The Dinosaur

Dinosaur Doughnuts


The first four pages of the first story (with illustrations) can be viewed if you click here or at the bottom of this page.


"Three stories about a friendly giant who likes to buy children's bad dreams, keeps a dinosaur for a pet and concocts huge dinosaur doughnuts. You get three entertaining bedtime stories for the price of one in this conversational book with understated, dream-like illustrations."



"...What I like about the stories is the chatty voice, the natural way Morgan tells his tale, almost like the newsy letters or telephone calls to a friend. ...Buchanan's pictures display creative playfulness and show the warmth of the giant\child friendship."



"This book would be great material for a teacher or teacher-librarian who is an accomplished story-teller. The catchy tunes will be well remembered by the children."



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