Ryan's Giant

Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Marian Buchanan (text and illustration copyrighted by author and illustrator) (page 1 of 4)


Once upon a time not too long ago, a Giant came to Toronto. He came late at night when everyone was sleeping, he found a nice cave and he moved right in before anyone knew he was there. Now luckily this was not one of those mean giants you've probably heard about in other stories, he didn't go around eating people up or anything like that. He was a pretty good giant as giants go, a very nice fellow and not at all scary; but still, even so, he had a big stomach and it took quite a lot to keep his stomach full.

Now the strange thing was, this Giant didn't like to eat anything you or I do. He wouldn't eat ham or yams or peas, hamburgers, rice or broccoli, or a nice hot pastrami on caraway rye, he wouldn't eat pizza or pumpkin pies, he wouldn't try carrots or celery, he didn't like roasted potatoes or cheese on toasted whole wheat with a slice of tomato and fries on the side. In fact he didn't eat any kind of food at all, all he would eat was junk!

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