Ryan's Giant

Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Marian Buchanan

(text and illustration copyrighted by author and illustrator)
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He ate real junk, he really did, like old empty tin cans that were getting kind of rusty on the outside...or old empty milk containers that were getting kind of smelly on the inside. Whatever was broken, he would eat it up like busted-up toasters and rusted-out barbecues. He liked to eat bottle tops a whole lot too, he'd pop them into his mouth and chew them up just like candy.

He even liked the taste of old newspapers, and he found them very handy when he wanted to make sandwiches. First he'd take a sheet of newspaper for the bottom piece of bread, then he'd pile on all the junk that was lying around, then he'd take another sheet of newspaper for the top piece of bread, and he'd eat it up just like that!

There's another strange thing about this Giant which you should know: he didn't know how to dream. He tried and he tried to dream every night but he just couldn't figure out how to do it. And it made him feel a little bit sad because it's hard to go to sleep if you have no dreams to dream. So late at night when everyone else was in bed, the Giant went out all around the town looking for dreams, bad dreams in particular because bad dreams are the ones that giants like best.

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