Fall cover

 Celebrate The Season: Fall

 Stories by Allen Morgan \ Art by Vladyana Langer Krykorka

 story collection with black & white illustrations

 76 pages \ 6" by 9" paperback - ISBN 1-895092-04-3


This story collection has seven stories and nine songs as well as numerous black and white pen and ink illustrations throughout. Michael and Megan meet the Windman and find out how the Four Seasons first arrived in town. They have many adventures with Fall in particular as he steals Summer's socks, makes a chestnut pie for his friend the White Squirrel, and plays a Halloween trick on Winter. Many of the stories can be acted out and continued by the reader in their everyday life. Although this book is set in Toronto, it can be adapted to fit any North American urban centre. The seven stories:


The Windman

Leaving The First land

The Seasons Find A New Home

How Summer Lost His Socks

Chestnut Pie

The Leaves That Wouldn't Fall

Fall Plays A Trick On Winter


The entire Windman story (with illustrations) can be viewed if you click here or at the bottom of this page.


"Fall may dominate, but all four seasons play a role in this unique collection of stories and songs...The nine songs are short, simple to learn and well integrated into the book... Vladyana Krykorka's black-and-white drawings work effectively with the text...An intriguing collection of stories that young children will enjoy listening to and acting out."



"There are eight delightful stories about nature in this book. The black-and-white illustrations by Vladyana Krykorka are truly imaginative and decorate every page. Definitely a 'recommend' for any elementary library."



"Filled with comfortable dialogue, charming rhymes, vivid sounds, music, repetition, color, and fascinating storylines, these stories offer good fun, while Vladyana Krykorka's enchanting artwork generates a pleasing sense of life and movement."



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