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Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages


The Windman (part 1)


Once upon a time, not too long ago there was a boy named Michael who lived nearby to the woods. In fact he lived so nearby to the woods that all he had to do was go out his back door, into his back yard and there he was because the woods lived right next to him. Michael often went walking through the woods, just to see what was there and to discover things. One day when he was out exploring that way he found a stream. He stopped and picked up some smooth, round stones that were lying on the ground, and he started to throw them into the stream.

Plunk... plunk... The stones hit the water, one by one. Plunk... plunk...

And Michael got to thinking - it was very quiet in the woods that day and the only sounds he could really hear were the plunking sounds the stones were making. That seemed somewhat odd because usually the wind blew through the woods all the time, and the bushes moved around and made a lot of noise, and the trees swayed back and forth and they made a lot of noise. But this day when Michael looked up in the sky he saw that the clouds were absolutely still. They weren't even moving, there was nothing up there to move them - no wind - the wind had completely disappeared!

Plunk... plunk...

Michael was throwing the stones into the water, wondering to himself what had happened to the wind, when all of a sudden he heard a very strange and mysterious sound coming from the woods.

Thump... Thump...

Michael was curious. He wanted to know what was making that sound, so he decided to go find out. He walked further and further into the woods following that sound. And the further he went, the louder that sound became.

THump... THUmp... THUMp... THUMP !

Pretty soon the mysterious sound was so very loud that Michael knew whatever was making it was probably right behind the next tree. So he went up close - it was a big oak tree - and he looked around the trunk very cautiously to see what was there.

Well he saw something all right. There was a large leather bag on the ground nearby, and it was bumping up and down...


THUMP ! THUMP ! That's what was making the mysterious sound ...THUMP ! THUMP ! Something was inside that bag and it wanted to get out. THUUUUUUUUMP !

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