Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

The Windman (part 2)


Then all of a sudden the bag stopped moving and stayed absolutely still. Michael watched for a while, but it still didn't move, so he went up closer and knelt on the ground. Then very slowly and carefully, he put his ear down against the bag to hear what might be inside.


The leather bag jumped straight up in the air! Michael did too he was so surprised, he was about to go running away through the woods, when he heard a voice calling from inside the bag.


Michael wasn't too sure what he should do. He studied the bag very carefully for a moment to see just how to proceed. It was lying quite still on the ground again, only now Michael noticed it was tied at the top by some old leather laces. This was the way to open up the bag! And as soon as he saw the way to do it, Michael decided to give it a try. He knelt down again and began to untie the knot. It was tied very tightly so he had to work hard, but pretty soon he was able to get the bag open.


Whoooosh! A big wind blew out of the bag! Whoooosh! It blew up into the sky and took everything with it! Whoooosh! Sticks and leaves and everything else all blowing around in the air! Whoooosh! Like a big hurricane the wind went howling down through the woods! Whoooosh! It came tearing back through the trees! Whoooosh! And it stopped right in front of where Michael was standing and blew round and round all around in the air!

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