Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

The Windman (part 3)


"Who are you?" Michael asked.

"I'm the Windman!"

Michael could see that was absolutely true. Everything blowing around in the air was making a shape very much like somebody's body there. Up at the top there was grass blowing around right where the hair ought to grow; there were sticks sticking out in the air at the sides just where the arms should be; and in the middle all the leaves that were blowing around made a shape very much like somebody's chest. But there was no chest, no arms, no hair because Michael could see right through the spaces between everything blowing around in the air.


"What were you doing in the bag?" he asked.

"I was tricked by a Troll. He stuffed me in that bag and tied it up, I've been stuck in there all day. You rescued me! Thanks a lot!"

"Well you asked me to."

"You did it all the same. One good turn deserves another. If you ever need any help, just call for me and I'll come and help you!"

"Call for you? How can I call you?"

"Just call my song! "

Then the Windman taught Michael a special song he could use if he ever needed any help. And here's how the song goes, it goes like this:


"If you ever need any help, just call that song and wherever I am I'll hear it and I'll come and help you!"

And whoooosh! The Windman flew up into the air. Whoooosh! And he blew and he blew and he flew away.

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