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I've spent the time since Ryan's Giant incubating ideas for children's stories, greeting cards, and my ongoing study of perception. This thinking work is all a new mother can do for a while. Now that my son is older, my hands are more often free and some of those ideas have started hatching onto paper. Certain fledglings are ready to take wing, others are already air-mailing themselves to publishers. These include the following:

* a calendar/birthday card series of watercolours illustrating the 12 signs of the Zodiac,
* 4 boardbooks for toddlers, inspired by my son's experiences,
* several picture-book stories using fantasy to present new ways of being, for a gentler, more conscious world.

I have enough projects of my own to keep me productive for quite a while, but I'm also interested in illustrating works by others if they strike a chord in me.


Previous published works include illustrations for the following:

Jesse's Dream Skirt
, by Bruce Mack (Lollipop Power, 1979)
cover for Reflected Scenery From Where My Eyes Should Be, by Vic Elias (Moonstone Press, 1991)
cover for Crossing The Bridge, by Maria Stam (Third Eye Press, 1992)
illustrations for short stories and poems by various authors (Tabula Rasa, literary magazine, 1991)


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