Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Six stories - 72 pages

Iceman (part 2)


So Megan and Michael decided to look for Winter and ask her what they could do. They finally found her in the ravine, playing with her friend the White Wolf. She was making him icicle sticks with her staff, then throwing them off across the snow and laughing each time when he brought them back.

"That's just what we need," Megan exclaimed.

"Ice!" agreed Michael. "And lots of it too.

"I wish I could do it," Winter replied. "But I can't. I've tried."

"You make icicles with your staff," Megan said.

"An icicle's one thing; ice is another. My staff doesn't have enough strength to freeze a pond or a rink," explained Winter.

Michael groaned and Megan sighed. But Winter just smiled and there seemed to be a twinkle or two in the corners of her eyes.

"But I think there's a guy who could do it," she told them. "He could ice a whole lake if he wanted to."

"Who?" Megan asked.

"The Iceman," said Winter. "He's a very good friend. He lives far away in the far away north, but he'll visit a while if I ask him."

"Ask him," said Michael.

"I will," Winter said. "But I'll need you to help."

Winter explained what they had to do and they went right to work right away. They made a small snowman just two hands high with sticks for arms and ice cubes for eyes. They taped six paper fingers to the sticks, then they cooked some spaghetti to use for the hair. They stuck the spaghetti all over the head and put it inside the freezer to make the spaghetti hard.


It was frozen stiff by the next afternoon, so Megan and Michael brought the miniature iceman outside to show it to Winter. Winter was pleased with the way it had freezed.

"It think that it looks just exactly like him, only different," she said.

She put it down on the ground by a tree and they gathered around while she taught them a song to call for the Iceman to come to town:


"Do you think he'll actually come?" said Michael when the song was done.

"He might not come right away tonight, it's a very long way and it takes a while," Winter replied.

"How will he come, will he fly in a plane?"

"He rides in a cloud of frozen rain and hail and sleet and snow."

"How long will it take before he's here?" Megan asked.

"A couple of days, maybe three or four. But the White Wolf will watch every night while you sleep," Winter explained. "Listen for him when you go to bed. If you hear him howl you'll know it worked and the Iceman has come to town."

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