Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Six stories - 72 pages

Iceman (part 1)


Once upon a time a long time ago before the Four Seasons came over the seas to make their home where we live today, the Iceman used to live here instead. And when he was here it was very cold every day of the year and the ice was all over everywhere. In fact the Iceman made so much ice that it covered the rocks and it covered the trees and everything else for as far as the eye could see. The ice was as deep as a river bottom and tall as a mountain top, wherever it started it kept right on going and never stopped. The Iceman called it a glacier because it was glossy and smooth as glass.

The Iceman stayed here for many days and his glacier did too, for years and years and a century or two, dozens of centuries, an eon even, but when he finally moved away he took his glacier with him. The weather got a lot warmer then and all the ice that was left behind melted back down into water again and turned into rivers and lakes.

Nowadays Iceman lives far away, way up north on an iceberg I think, but he still likes to come back and visit sometimes. He's a very good friend of Winter you see and when he's in town you can tell right away. He makes lots of ice all around everywhere, especially on the window panes just before the sun comes up. Look at your window some morning, you'll see, he might have left an ice picture there. He usually draws his iceberg home, but sometimes he likes to make polar bears.

The Iceman is tall and all jagged and sharp like the ice that he makes. His eyes always sparkle like ice in the sun and his nose has a point like an icicle does. His ears are pretty pointy too, but you can't really see them too often because his hair is so scraggly long. It sticks out all over down past his shoulders and it's stiff and hard like frozen spaghetti. The Iceman's fingers are long and sharp, they're crooked too and he has six fingers on each of his hands instead of just five the way you and I do. Whatever he touches with his icicle fingers turns into ice, so whatever you do don't shake hands with the Iceman unless you want to become an Iceman yourself.


Now it happened one year in January that Megan and Michael were waiting and waiting for the cold icy weather to start. They were looking forward to all the fun they were going to have on their ice skates again, racing together and playing some hockey and doing trick jumps and spins. But the only thing was, there wasn't any ice to skate on yet. The ponds had only a thin skin on top and the rink in the park were mostly just slush and not all that good at all.

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