Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Six stories - 72 pages

The Night The Glacier Came (part 1)


It was very, very cold one night, down below zero and cold enough to freeze a frisbee. Everyone stayed inside their house with the heat turned up and the windows shut down and even the clouds were somewhere else because it was too cold for them to come to town. The moon was there though, it liked the cold and the stars were out too because they lived very far away where the cold couldn't reach them. But they were the only ones in sight so the night was quiet and still.


And in the very latest hour of that silent night, Megan woke up in the middle of her sleep and sat up straight in her bed. She heard a low sort of rumbling noise, a deep and dangerous rolling sound that seemed to come from far away at the very edge of the dark.


Megan got up and went over to the window. But when she looked out there was nothing to see, just the moon and the stars and the snow on the ground; and even though Megan looked all around, she couldn't see what made that rumbling sound.


Then all at once she saw Winter below, walking along through the new fallen snow with the White Wolf at her side. Winter looked up and waved her hand. So Megan got dressed in her warmest clothes and ran outside.

"Where are you going," she asked her friend.

"There's a very strange sound," Winter explained. "The White Wolf is trying to track it down but he hasn't found it yet."

"I was wondering about it too," said Megan.

They both fell silent and listened together. After a while they heard it again.


The White Wolf gave a soft, low growl and trotted off down the sidewalk. Megan and Winter looked at each other, then they followed along after him.


They followed that rumbling sound down the street, across a park and along an avenue,


Past the houses and past the stores, the more they walked the louder it got,


Block after block it got louder and louder, the rumbling sound just grew and grew,


Finally right at the edge of town they found what they were looking for. A huge white shape rose out of the night, and it seemed to stretch all across the horizon like a great big wall of ice.


"What is it?" Megan whispered.

"The Glacier," said Winter."It's moving this way."

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