Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Six stories - 72 pages

Snowoman Eyes (part 1)


It was near the end of February, and Megan was walking down in the ravine looking for diamond ice. She didn't find any diamonds that day, but she did find Winter and the White Wolf rolling up balls of snow.

"What are you doing?" Megan asked.

"Making a snowoman," Winter said. "It's going to be cold and it's going to be tall and it's going to look just like me."

So Megan stopped and she rolled some snow too, and after a while they had three big balls. They piled them all up on top of each other to look like a body and head. They added two small ones at the bottom for feet, then they put on more snow to fill out the neck and they shaved off the sides and they smoothed out the waist. They used a thick stick to stick on for a smile, a root for the nose and two black stones for the eyes.

"I"ve been saving these stones for a very long time," Winter explained. "They're my very best ones, they're magic you know."

Then Winter made two sharp sparkly icicles with her Magic Tree staff. She hung them down from the snowoman's ears and when she was through they looked quite a lot like her earrings. Megan got a branch that had fallen nearby, so they stood it up by the snowoman's side just the way Winter's staff would be. When they were through they stepped back and laughed. The snowoman was perfect. It looked just exactly like Winter did, only different. But they didn't stop there, there was more to do because Winter wanted a snowolf too. So they rolled more snow and they shaved it and shaped it, they worked very hard for a very long time until it was done.


"They look very nice, but what are they for?" Megan asked.

"Well my dear, it's getting quite near the time of the year when I have to go and Spring comes to take my place."

"You can't go yet!" Megan exclaimed. "I still have some sliding and skating to do and I want to play more in the snow."

"I know," Winter told her. "I feel the same way. Just between you and me and the trees, I'm not quite completely ready to leave. So I've thought of a way that might let me stay just a few more days. If the Windman thought this snowoman was me, he might blow it back to Spring's house you see, and he wouldn't know I was still here. Then I could stay for a little while longer and Spring would have to wait."

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