Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Six stories - 72 pages

Snowoman Eyes (part 2)


Megan thought that the plan would work well so she went to tell Michael and he agreed. They had a party the very next day to pretend to say goodbye to Winter. They invited the Iceman and the Iceman came, so did the Windman. They all met together down in the ravine by the snowoman they had just made. Winter came too with her friend the White Wolf, but they came in disguise so no-one would ever recognize them, especially not the Windman.

They had lots of food, but it wasn't the regular kind because it was all made from snow. They had snow cakes and snow pies, snowburgers with snow fries and ice cream with only just ice and no cream. And this is the song that they sang to themselves as they pretended to eat all the snow food:


They all felt so silly from singing the song that they started to throw all the snow food around at each other. In no time at all there was a terrific snow fight, only instead of throwing snowballs they all threw snow pies and snow cakes. Even the Windman got into the fun. He blew a big snow pie into the Iceman's face, but everyone was having so much fun that nobody minded at all.


And when the snowfood fight was finally through, Megan went over to the snowoman's side and pretended to say goodbye.

"So long Winter, I'll see you next year," she said as she gave the snowoman a great big hug.

Michael said goodbye as well, so did the Iceman and the Windman did too, he promised to come back later that night to blow Winter away just the way that he should.

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