Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

Fall Plays A Trick On Winter (part 1)


As you probably know, when Fall goes out and roams about, taking his turn living free where he likes, Winter lives in her Magic Tree house and her neighbours are Summer and Spring. But one year Winter decided that she would like to come to town a bit early. So she went outside and called the Windman and Whoooosh! The Windman came.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

"I'm going to play a trick on Fall," Winter told him. "He always plays tricks on everyone else so I think it would make a good change. Go around town and find where he is, blow him back here to my house for me, Windman, so I can go out early and take his place."

The Windman agreed, so he flew up into the air and Whoooosh! He went speeding away.

He blew into town and looked all around for some sign of Fall; he flew through the woods and searched up and down, but he still couldn't find him. He managed to find the White Squirrel though, so he stopped to ask him where Fall might be. Now the White Squirrel is almost as tricky as Fall, and in no time at all he found out about Winter's trick. He didn't want Fall to leave town just then because if Fall did, he'd have to go too. So he only pretended to go along with Winter's plan.


"A trick, a trick, it's a very good trick, but you won't find Fall, he's hiding," he said. "He can hide from you but he won't hide from me. You'll see, you'll see, he'll follow me, I'll get Fall to come back here to this tree. Go away for a while, for a while and a bit, up high in the sky and don't even look down for a minute, Windman. Don't come back until I call, but when I do, Fall will be waiting right here for you and he'll never suspect a thing. You can come down then and blow him away."

"Okay," said the Windman and Whooosh! He flew away.

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