Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

Fall Plays A Trick On Winter (part 2)


The White Squirrel ran off into the woods and he finally found Fall with Michael and Megan who were showing him all the candy they'd hauled in on Halloween.

"Fall, Fall, you'd better hide!" the White Squirrel cried and he chattered away all about Winter's trick.

"I see," said Fall when the news was done. "But there's not much use in trying to run, we might just as well face the situation and do what we can. Winter's trick sounds pretty good as far as it goes, but you know what they say - one good trick deserves another. So we'll play a trick on Winter ourselves and may the best trick win."

Then Fall explained what he wanted to do, and they all agreed to help. The White Squirrel went back to his tree in the woods to make sure that the Windman would stay away. Michael and Megan rummaged around until they found an old pair of pants, an old flannel shirt and the old Jack-o-Lantern they still had left over from Halloween. They stuffed the clothes with leaves and stuff, and when the clothes were laid on the ground and the Jack-o-Lantern was placed in the neck of the puffed-up shirt, it looked very much like a man lying down. They found a twisted-up fallen-down branch that looked very much like Fall's twisty stick, so they put it there too. They shook extra leaves all over the clothes, and when they were done the pumpkin man looked just exactly like Fall and you'd never have guessed what it actually was unless you knew what it wasn't.

"Perfect!" said Fall. "Who would ever suspect? And now for the very best part of all. Can you two pretend to be sad?"

Michael and Megan rubbed their eyes, they sniffed and snuffed and sobbed and cried. Fall was definitely very impressed with the way they expressed their grief.

"You're beyond belief!" he told them both proudly. "Our trick now is sure to succeed!"

They put the pumpkin man into a wagon and rolled it down into the woods. They propped it up against the White Squirrel's tree, and when the White Squirrel saw it there he was very amazed.

"It's Fall, it's Fall, another Fall, it's Fall all over again," he chattered. "It's Fall's twin brother with orange coloured skin and a hole in the top of his head!"


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