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Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

How Summer Lost His Socks (part 4)


They soon arrived back where Summer was sleeping. The White Raccoon was there as well, perched up on top of Summer's shoulders, staring intently into his ear.

"Ahoy Raccoon, all ready to sail?" Fall called out merrily.

"Don't look at me," the White Raccoon said. "Summer's supposed to be the captain you know. If he ever wakes up that is."

"There's not much hope of that," observed Fall.

"Probably not," the White Raccoon agreed. "When there's work to be done you know where he'll be: under a tree with his hat pulled down, dreaming a dream fast asleep."


"What's he dreaming now?" Fall asked.

The White Raccoon looked back into Summer's ear. "He's dreaming he's sailed all the way to his house. It made him quite hungry, he's making a snack."

"Can you really see his dream?" Michael said and he knelt down to peek into Summer's other ear to see if it might be true.

"What's happening now?" Megan asked as she peered in there too.

"He's eating a baloney sandwich!" said the White Raccoon.

"Why can't I see inside his head?" Michael asked. "Everything's dark in there."

"I can't see his dream either," Megan said. "So how can the White Raccoon?"

"Raccoons can see in the dark," Fall explained. "Their eyes are made for the night. Come on, let's try to wake Summer up."

He grabbed a wild clock and made it ring. But Summer kept sleeping despite all the noise.

The White Raccoon shook his head. "He's dreaming a dream of a telephone ringing," he told them.

Megan set off another alarm.

"Now he's dreaming there are two telephones."

Michael set off the bells on all the wild clocks.


"Now he's dreaming about a whole roomful of telephones!" the White Raccoon reported.

"This calls for something more drastic," said Fall.

He quickly removed Summer's sleeping socks. The toes he exposed were all curled up against each other.

"Even his toes are asleep," Michael laughed.

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