Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

Chestnut Pie (part 2)


The White Squirrel heard them, he came right away but he stayed out of sight behind a bush. And even though Michael and Megan stood still and kept very quiet, he wouldn't come out at all. But they heard the sound of his nervous voice as he chattered away in his clattery way, so Fall bent down and put his ear near where the White Squirrel was hiding to hear what he had to say.


"He's definitely glad to see you," Fall reported.

"We're definitely glad to see him too," Megan replied.

"Only we never do," Michael explained.

There was a moment of rather animated chatter from behind the bush, the leaves all shook, then Fall gave a nod and relayed the message.

"He says that he'd really like to come out, but he's never met you yet formally so it wouldn't be right."

"But how will he ever meet us at all if he never comes out?" Michael wanted to know.

"Beats me," Fall agreed and he consulted the White Squirrel behind the bush. "Beats him too," he reported. "He says when you're shy that's the way that it is."

"There must be a way we can get to know him," said Michael.

"Isn't there something he likes?" Megan asked.

"He likes presents," said Fall.

Various squeaks from behind the bush confirmed that this was so.

"What sort of thing would he like us to bring him?" asked Megan.

"I'm not really sure," Fall replied with a wink. "I think there's something he's fond of all right. Popsicles, was it? Lollipops, maybe? Possibly popcorn and apple-sauce balls or great granny glasses of runny molasses or hot dogs with jam or hamburgs with honey..."

"What I like is chestnuts!" the White Squirrel cried from behind the bush. He fell instantly silent as he realized his mistake, but it was far too late to take it back. Fall's trick had worked and the truth was out.

Michael laughed. Megan did too, then they drew Fall aside and they whispered a plan that they thought ought to do.

"We happen to have a nice recipe for chestnut pie," Megan told him. "We'll make it for him and when we're all done, we'll set the pie out in the afternoon sun so it can bake for a while."

"When the White Squirrel smells our chestnut pie, he'll want to come by and get some," said Michael. "He'll forget that he's shy and become our friend."

"I think that's a very good plan," Fall agreed.

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