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Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

The Leaves That Wouldn't Fall (part 2)


But as it turned out it was very strange - when they looked all around on the ground by the tree, there weren't any leaves to be found at all.

"Not a single one has fallen down, they're still hanging onto the branches," said Fall. "I've never seen leaves do that before."

They all stared up at the leaves overhead. It was very puzzling. The leaves appeared to be holding on tight and it looked like they had no intention of leaving.

"Those leaves might never let go at all," Michael said. "What if they won't? What'll we do?"

"I guess we could call for the Windman," said Megan.

So they called the Windman Song together and Whoooosh!The Windman came.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

"We want you to blow all through the tree," Megan told him.

"We need some leaves to fall," explained Michael.

So Whoooosh! And Whoooosh! The Windman blew, he flew through the tree and he shook all the leaves. But they held on tightly and none of them fell, so finally the Windman flew away.

"Maybe we'd better ask the leaves why they want to stay on the tree," Fall suggested.

"Ask them?" said Megan.

"You know how to talk to leaves?" Michael asked.

"Not exactly, not me," Fall replied with a wink. "But I think I know someone who does!"

Michael and Megan were sure they did too, so they called the White Squirrel Song and before very long he appeared. Fall asked the White Squirrel to run up and ask the leaves why they wanted to stay on the tree. The White Squirrel agreed. He climbed up the trunk and he disappeared. They heard him chatter a moment or two and they saw the leaves rustle and sway.Then he stuck out his head and called down.

"The leaves won't jump! They're afraid to jump, they don't want to jump, they're afraid!"


So Fall told the White Squirrel to tell the leaves that they wouldn't get hurt and they'd all float down to the ground below and land very softly. The White Squirrel ducked back into the tree, he chattered a bit, then his head reappeared.

"They're afraid to jump even so," he called down. "The leaves all say that they'll never let go, never forever no matter what."

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