Winter cover

Celebrate The Season: Winter

 Stories by Allen Morgan \ Art by Vladyana Langer Krykorka

 story collection with black & white illustrations

 72 pages \ 6" by 9" paperback - ISBN 1-895092-05-1


This story collection has six stories and twelve songs as well as numerous black and white pen and ink illustrations throughout. Michael and Megan meet the Dragon (who eats the moon) and find out how the Four Seasons first arrived in town. They have many adventures with Winter in particular as she turns back the Glacier, greets the Iceman, and meets her friend the White Wolf in his secret cave. Many of the stories can be acted out and continued by the reader in their everyday life. Although this book is set in Toronto, it can be adapted to fit any North American urban centre. The six stories:


The Dragon Who Ate The Moon

Winter Solstice Tree


The White Wolf's Secret Cave

The Night The Glacier Came

Snowman Eyes


The entire Dragon story (with illustrations) can be viewed if you click here or at the bottom of this page.


"This collection of six winter stories is one of a series of volumes about the seasons...These fanciful tales are filled with vivid imagery...Participants are encouraged to be active in a variety of ways: songs are included, events may be dramatized, observations enriched, science-related experiments conducted - but perhaps the greatest stimulation is to the imagination. A truly delightful book that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Highly recommended."



"A set of creative stories, accompanying songs, and suggested activities meant to be interpreted and presented dramatically rather than read aloud verbatim. These stories are filled with fantastical characters: a dragon, and Iceman, a White Wolf, a personified Winter. Allen Morgan suggests activities to go along with the stories - for example, making "Diamond Ice" from rock candy. Sharing these mini-dramas with children will take more effort than simply reading them aloud, but children may also find it a much more involving experience."

QUILL & QUIRE - Sept 1995


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