Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Christina Farmilo

(text and illustration copyrighted by author and illustrator)
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When his parents came out to tuck him in, Brendon was thinking of how it might be when he got a bit older.

"I'll probably change and be different somehow. I won't be the same as I am right now," he tried to explain. "Will you still love me when I'm all grown up?"

"Of course we will," his mother said and she gave him a great big hug. "We loved you before when you were just small and we love you now that you've grown."

"And when you grow more and go out on your own, we'll love you then too, whatever you do and whatever you turn out to be," said his dad and he gave him a great big hug as well.

"And I'll love you," Brendon said as he hugged them back.

When his parents went in to the cottage again, he snuggled down deep in his sleeping bag and closed his eyes for a while. As he was lying alone in the dark, he heard the sound of a distant howl echoing through the night. It made Brendon shiver.

"It sounds like something is calling to me," he thought to himself as he fell asleep.

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