The Bats And The Statue Parade

Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Vladyana Langer Krykorka

(text and illustration copyrighted by author and illustrator)
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illustration #3

Now maybe you know this or maybe you don't, but whenever they have a parade in Toronto they march down University Avenue. They do it because it's so straight and wide and it has two sides with flowers in between and all the statues you could possibly want are there to watch it go by. So Megan was starting to feel excited. She didn't know how the parade would be, still even so, she was sure there'd be lots to see. But strangely enough when they finally arrived, the place was completely deserted! Not a sight nor a sound of a single soul - even the squirrels were asleep.

"I thought there was going to be a parade," Megan said.

"Victoria Day begins after midnight," the Weather Witch told her. "The parade doesn't start until after then too."

Megan looked at her watch. It was five to twelve.

"Everyone seems to have gone to bed. There's no-one to watch it but us," she said.

"We didn't fly all this way just to watch," said the Weather Witch. "If you come to this parade you have to be in it."

"Well it looks to me like we'll have to be the whole parade ourselves," Megan told her.

"I wouldn't say that," the Weather Witch said. "There's more to the world than meets the eye and your nose knows more smells than it tells."

"But you and I are the only ones here," Megan insisted. "Unless you start counting the statues."

"Exactly! They're just the ones that I'm counting on!"

"But statues can't be in a parade!" Megan laughed.

"Whyever not?" asked the Weather Witch.

"They're not alive!"

"Oh they're not? Is that so? And how do you know?"

"Because statues can't move," Megan explained.

"What you mean is you've never seen them. But statues have legs, so why can't they use them! They've all got ears, so why can't they hear? And if they've got eyes they can certainly see!"

"They've got mouths too," said Megan. "But I've never heard them speak!"

"Maybe you haven't been listening dear," the Weather Witch replied.

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