Ryan's Giant

Story by Allen Morgan \ Art by Marian Buchanan

(text and illustration copyrighted by author and illustrator)
(page 4 of 4)


Ryan went to his closet and got out a cardboard box. He put that box on the floor by his bed. And sure enough, what do you know, the bad dream floated right down into the box! Ryan closed the box quickly and handed it to the Giant. The Giant took the box and he put it up next to his ear, then he shook it a little so he could hear what kind of bad dream was inside.

"Whoa!" cried the Giant. "It sounds like a real scary one all right!"

"Oh it is," Ryan told him. "You'll hate it."

"No way!" said the Giant. "I'll love it!"

As the story continues the Giant buys the bad dream for a nickel and promises to buy any others that Ryan has in the future. He teaches Ryan a special song to call him with when it's time to come by to pick up a new batch. There are three stories in all in this book.

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