Celebrate The Season:


Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

How Summer Lost His Socks (part 1)


One day in July when Summer was about to take a nap down by the water, a small canoe came floating along. So Summer cast out his Magic Tree pole and pulled it in fast before it went past and was gone for good. To his great surprise, the canoe was completely empty. No-one was there inside it at all, and although Summer waited for someone to claim it, nobody did. So Summer decided to keep it himself and use it whenever he wanted.

That's how Summer got his canoe and he used it a lot and he liked it, too. He used it for fishing, he took it exploring, he especially used it for sleeping and snoring and dreaming his favourite dreams. And since he was sometimes a little bit lazy, he made it a mast and he sewed it a sail so he wouldn't always have to paddle. And when the time came for Summer to leave and give Fall his turn in town again, he decided he'd like to sail away in his new canoe.

Now Summer knew Michael from the year before, so he asked him to help him pack up the canoe. Michael was glad to do it of course, he agreed right away, but he wasn't too sure just what Summer might want.

"Clocks," Summer told him. "Lots of them."

"Clocks?" Michael asked. "Are you sure?"

"Absolutely. We'll pack just as many as we can get, fill up the canoe if we can."

"Clocks can be kind of expensive," said Michael.

"We won't have to buy them," Summer explained. "This time of the year there are plenty of clocks growing wild in the woods. All we have to do is dig them up, we're sure to find plenty. Come back tomorrow. In the meantime I think I'll just take a nap and dream about where the wild clocks might be."


Then Summer untied his sleeping socks from the place where they hung on his belt, and he sung himself a soft sleeping song as he pulled them on over his feet.

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