Celebrate The Season: Fall

Stories by Allen Morgan

Art by Vladyana Krykorka

Seven stories - 76 pages

Leaving The First Land (part 2)


Spring was a girl, a child of the wilds with tangly hair and bright green eyes. She wore bright green leaves and garlands of flowers with vines intertwined in between. She liked to run and dance and sing, and whenever she did, which was most of the time, she made everything blossom and grow.

Summer was older and taller than Spring. He wore stalks of straw and stooks of hay and he kept a grass hat pulled down over his eyes to keep out the sun when he napped. That happened a lot because Summer liked dreams more than anything - sometimes he slept for days and days and nothing could wake him until he was ready to wake up himself.


Fall was a fairly tricky fellow, neither small nor large, just a middle-sized size with a thin, twisty body and sparkling eyes. His smile could become somewhat twisty as well, for he liked to play tricks and he always had one up his sleeve. He wore bright coloured leaves which rustled and waved continuously as he moved.

Winter was older, but only in years; her smile was the brightest and stretched ear to ear and she always seemed happy. Her hair was all white and her eyes were dark brown and her skin had a glow that shone all around her from head to toe. Her icicle earrings sparkled in the sun, and she dressed all in snow though she never seemed cold.

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