The Kids From B.A.D.

Stories by Allen Morgan

detective story collection

no illustrations

six stories - 128 pages

The Case Of The Stolen Wallet (part 2)


"Walkie-talkies!" exclaimed Mike.

"You're kidding!" said Ben.

"I"m not," said John. "He said this morning that his dad is giving him some money to buy them with. So, if we let him join the club..." John paused dramatically.

"He'll bring the walkie-talkies along with him," finished Sally, shaking her head in disgust. But Mike and Ben weren't the least bit disgusted. In fact, they were quite excited.

"Say, that'd be all right," said Ben enthusiastically.

"We could use them for stake-outs and manhunts," Mike added.

"Sure," said John. "With walkie-talkies we could do almost anything. So what do you think? Let's vote. All in favour?"

Mike and Ben raised their hands; Sally didn't. John scowled.

Nothing they said could make Sally change her mind. "Detectives don't take bribes," she told them.

"It's not a bribe," said John. "We need that stuff to operate."

"I've got someone better to nominate," was Sally's answer. "I think we should ask Jessica to join the club."

Her nomination was greeted with absolute silence. The other three detectives just stared at her.

Sally pressed on. "Jessica's very smart and she knows all about crime. She can run real fast and she's taking judo lessons and..."

"But she's a girl," interrupted John.

"What's wrong with that?" demanded Sally.

"Nothing," said John. "But we already have one."

"We what!" exploded Sally. She started for John but Mike stepped between them and held up his hand.

"Take it easy, Sally. He didn't mean it to come out that way."

"Well, how did he mean it to come out?" Sally demanded.

"Jessica"s only in grade four," said John.

"She only transferred into the school a month ago," said Mike.

"We hardly know her," said Ben.

"I know her," Sally said. "She goes to my dancing class and I think she'd be good. I nominate her. Let's vote."

They voted-one for and three against. Everyone glared at everyone else. The whole thing wasn't working out at all. It was Ben who finally came up with a solution.

"Why don't we take both of them into the club as detectives-in-training?" he suggested. "That way they'll both have a chance to join and the one who does the best gets the badge."

"That's fair," said Sally.

"The first one to catch a crook is in," said Mike.

"Fine by me," John agreed. "The two of them can battle it out, and may the best man win."

"Woman," said Sally quickly.

"Person," said Ben.

"We'll have a special meeting at afternoon recess," Mike decided.

"I'll tell Greg," said John. "Sally, you tell Jessica. We'll explain the club rules and swear them in as detectives-in-training. Then all we'll need is a good case to test them with."

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