The Kids From B.A.D.

Stories by Allen Morgan

detective story collection

no illustrations

six stories - 128 pages

The Case Of The Missing Bike (part 2)


Suddenly John jumped to his feet. "That's it!" he cried.

"What's it?" asked Ben.

"Detectives!" said John. "We need to hire some detectives."

"You mean private eyes?" said Mike. "Like in the movies?"

John smiled and nodded. Sally shook her head.

"Private eyes cost a fortune," she said. "They hire out by the hour. We could never afford one."

"It won't cost us anything," said John. "I've got an idea and it's absolutely excellent."

"You're crazy," said Sally.

"Think so?" said John. "What if I told you we can get more than one detective? What if I told you we can get four of them without spending a single cent?"

"Sally's right," said Ben. "You are crazy."

"What kind of detective would work for nothing?" added Mike. "He'd have to be a real zero if he did that."

"Listen, I'm telling you these four detectives are one hundred percent," insisted John. "I know them. You'll agree."

"Yeah? Well, who are they?" demanded Ben. John smiled. He pointed right at Ben.
"You!" he said triumphantly.


"And you, and you," said John as he pointed at Mike and Sally. "And me," he finished, pointing at himself.

"Us?" said Mike.

"But we're not detectives!" said Sally.

"We're going to be," John answered. "We're going to start a detective club and we're all going to be in it. We can help the police find those bicycle crooks and then we'll solve some other crimes too. Bank stick-ups, murders, whatever the cops can't handle on their own. We'll call ourselves the Barton Avenue Detectives, 'cause that's where we all live. We'll be famous!"

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